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  In April 1993 ,luzhou food factory was founded ,at the same time , restructured the industry in accordance with market demand,the
factory was mainly with manufacturing starch sugar by commodity starch as raw materials .

  In June 1993,yearly 5000tons acid method production line of glucose syrup was founded

  In November 1994,the first yearly 1000mt production line was founded ,hence ended up outsourcing corn starch to produce glucose syrup

  In Novemeber 1997 luhzou food factory expanded the business to the outside province ,rented former fushun starch factory in Lliaoning province and established liaoning fushun luzhou amylum sugars products co.,ltd .the fushun production facility produced both liquid glucose and corn starch ,with an annual production output of approximately 20000tonnes of corn starch ,which may be used to produce approximately 25000tonnes of liquid glucose annually

In August 1999 ,in order to occupy and extend the sales market farther in northwestern of China ,we rented the former shaanxi xingping xingyu pharmacy factory to be established shaanxi luzhou xingping luzhou sugar products co.,ltd which was restructured an annual production capacity of approximately 50000tonnes.

  In August 2000.hunan taoyuan luzhou sugar products co.,ltd was established ,the factory concerned the production of rice syrup
with annual production capacity of 70000tonnes ,then this was first enterprise to produce high maltose syrup used rice as raw

  Recognising the important of reseach and development in our business ,we established a research and development center based in shandong luzhou in September 2000.

  In May 2001. shandong luzhou acquired a production line and concerned production of glucose powder .the new production line produced approximately 1000tonnes of glucose powders annually

  In Oct 2001.luzhou food group rpoduct co.,ltd rented yishui fertilizer factory successfully and established luzhou chemical product co.,ltd .

  Luzhou sugar co., ltd. completed an annual output of 80,000 tons of starch, an annual output of 20,000 tons maltodextrin, 60,000 tons of high maltose syrup production line put into operation in xingping city shanxi province in December 2003.

  In July 17, 2004.luzhou group chairman Ji xing Niu and his entourage of four to singapore enterprises listed on overseas stock markets before the inspection tour.

September 8, 2004 Shandong luzhou group, singapore-listed co-operation agreement signed in yishui.

  July 18, 2005, group in accordance with enterprise development planning to expand production scale, in the yishui county industrial park, more than 1,000 acres of land to build luzhou industrial park.

  February 24, 2006,luzhou bio-chem technology co., ltd. successfully listed in singapore.

  April 23, 2006,luzhou bio-chem technology co., ltd. the first general meeting of shareholders held in singapore smoothly.

June 1, 2006,luzhou industrial park first phase of production project and the second phase project of a groundbreaking ceremony was held in the industrial park.

  June 24, 2006,luzhou bio-chem technology (shandong) co., ltd. xiping branch 200,000 tons of starch sugar project completed and put into production and 60,000 tons fructose syrup project groundbreaking ceremony was held in xi-ping branch.

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